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Weapon Production Jens Haaning
at Mizuma Art Gallery
Jens Haaning
Born in Copenhagen in 1965
Lives in Copenhagen
"Weapon Production" (1995)
Haaning's "Weapon Production (1995)" turned a gallery into a workshop to make weapons for combats such as bows and arrows, helmets, traps, and masks with street kids.

For "Middelbulg Summer 1996 (1996)," he created a sewing factory in a museum where twelve workers from Iran, Turkey, and Bosnia worked during the exhibition period.

For "Grande Ouverture SUPER DISCOUNT (1998)," Haaning took advantage of artwork being imposed less tariff when he imported food and sold it at great discount in a gallery. Haaning energizes and involves others to create and exhibit his projects which give strong impact regarding art, city, immigrant, and the value of labor.

Weapon Production
"Weapon Production" (1995)
Arabic Jokes
"Arabic Jokes"(1996)


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