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The Cellist Peter Land
at Contemporary Art Factory
Peter Land
Born in Århus in 1966
Lives in Copenhagen
"The Cellist" (1998)
Land's video works make audiences laugh with his extraordinary performances and are widely exhibited in Europe. There is a series of video pieces recording endless repetition of failure, such as:
  • "Pink Space (1995), in which he keeps failing to sit on a chair
  • "Stepladder Blues (1996)," in which he keeps falling from a ladder on which he is trying to paint while listening to Wagner


The Cellist
"The Cellist" (1998)
The Cellist
"The Cellist" (1998)
He also attempts to play the cello, fails, finally strips and dances naked in "The Cellist (1998)."

In the "Peter Land" series, (for example "Peter Land May 5, 1994") , which is a sort of visual diary of the artist, he protractedly dances naked to his favorite music.

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