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Exit Magnus Wallin
at Contemporary Art Factory
Magnus Wallin
Born in 1965 in Malmö
Lives in Malmö
"Exit" (1997)
Wallin's animation work using silicon graphics, "Exit (1997)", in which appropriated figures from Hieronymus Bosch paintings are pursued by a huge wall of fire, received attention from all over Europe.
In his video, which was his initial medium, and also in his animation, he expresses the violent forces possessed by the human body and proposes an alternative bodily presence, consistently from the perspective of the disabled. (The artist himself is disabled).
His works include:
  • "Drive-in (1997)," in which the disabled gather at a drive-in in wheelchairs
  • "Check In Check Out (1995)," where someone goes through a luxurious hotel in a wheelchair

The latest work is an animation
entitled "
Physical Paradise (1998)," a story set in a spaceship.


"Exit" (1997)
"Drive-in" (1997)


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