Paris en creation

Jun Takita

Born in 1966 in Tokyo, Japan

Takita often connects Japan and France through his work and explores the interfaces between science and reality and the gaps in culture and politics.

History of Western Art in Japan is a new video created in Japan for this exhibition. It is a critical work on the relation between art history and the Japanese, surrounding the paintings collected by Japanese museums such as: Roy Lichtenstein; Girl with Hair Ribbon, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo; J.F.Millet; The Sower, Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art; Vincent van Gogh; Sunflowers, Seiji Togo Memorial Yasuda Kasai Museum of Art; Salvador Dali; La Madone de Port Ligat, Fukuoka Art Museum.

"Osmosis" (1992)
Garden of the Sea
"Garden of the Sea" (1996)
Grotte at the Glassbox
"Grotte at the Glassbox" (1997)
Toilet Paper Holder
"Toilet Paper Holder" (1998)
Conversion of Energy
"Conversion of Energy" (1992-93)


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